Evan Starheart

The Council Head Of Brook's Glenn


Evan Starheart is the Half-Elf head of the Council of Brook’s Glenn. He has an impressive personal war council made up of Eladrin, one of which he is rumored to be ‘promised’ to, Elves, and even a Dwarf. A group quiet unheard of in Brook’s Glenn. With that he also has a rigorously drilled and trained garrison of 50 troops. He resides in Beeder’s Keep with his retinue. Even though he is of mixed blood stock almost all the assorted folks of Brook’s Glenn would see the young half-elf as something of a folk hero for fighting off a large invasion force of Borni at the edge of the Black Wood.

Even his rival council members respect his skills in combat and his sense of strategy. If there is a weakness it is his diplomacy and skills in ‘the court’. This inexperience has led him to be betrothed to a member of an Eladrin Court from the Feywild. This was advised by Evan’s stalwart mentor, Nuewendwor Brightblade of the Brightwood Court in the Feywild. Nuewendwor has raised Evan, who is estranged from both of his parents. Some would whisper that Nuewendwor cares more for securring his own place among Eladrin royalty and a strategic military foothold in Beeder’s Keep than for the wishes and whims of his ‘student’, those who would claim that usually bite their tongue when confronted with Nuewendwor’s glare or the tip of his sword.

Evan is at heart an adventurer who has been thrust into a role of leadership.

Evan Starheart

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